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Concierge service guide

Discover Donetsk

Donetsk is a large city in eastern Ukraine on the Kalmius river. Administratively, it is a center of Donetsk Oblast, while historically, it is the unofficial industrial capital and the largest city of the economic and cultural Donetsk Basin (Donbass) region. The city was founded in 1869 by a Welsh businessman, John Hughes, who constructed a steel plant and several coal mines in the region.

Important attractions of the city include the Transfiguration Cathedral, digital planetarium, dolphinarium, Opera House, Drama Theatre and others. Just one hour drive will take you to unique salt mines of Soledar, or Artyomovsk Winery - the biggest Eastern European enterprise producing sparkling wine in a traditional bottle technology, delivering its sparkling wines even to the royal table of the British Queen.

Business travel

When you are traveling on business, absolutely reliable support is a must. We take care of your transportation and English speaking driver will meet you at the airport and deliver you on time to an important meeting; VIP arrival service; 24 hours business center facilities and free high speed Internet connection. Our concierge will contribute to your business success while you are in Donetsk.

Cultural events & sport

The Donetsk Opera House is definitely worth to visit. Classic opera and ballet performances will leave unforgettable memories. Contact our concierge to book premium show tickets for the opera, drama, concerts or other events.

Intended for 50,000 spectators, the Donbass Arena is the first stadium in Eastern Europe designed and built to meet UEFA regulations for elite stadiums. The Donbass Arena is a home ground of FC Shakhtar and a cultural centre of Donetsk. In addition, the facility has been considered as a venue for holding UEFA Champions League matches and UEFA Europe League finals.

Nightlife and clubs

Our concierge is always aware of what is on in the city. Check out the top nightclubs such as "Virus", "Fort Knox", "NLO", "Chocolate", pre-party and after-party hotspots. Where to start the evening, meet up friends, watch sports.

Family activities

Start the Family day from visiting our Lobby Lounge offering a wide selection of tea, pastries and snacks and continue with outdoor activities. Our concierge will provide you with information about kids entertainment events like skating, dolphinarium, planetarium or picturesque places for walking like Pushkin boulevard and Sherbakova park or amazing forged figures park.


Today in Donetsk, there are many shopping and entertainment centers, such as "Golden Ring", "Donetsk City", "Continent", "Green Plaza" where it is possible not only to shop for the latest fashion outfits, but also to relax in a cafe or see a movie.


80, Artyoma Street, Donetsk, 83001, Ukraine
Phone: +38 062 343 43 33, fax: +38 062 343 43 34