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Dear Applicants,

Human Resources department of the Donbass Palace Hotel is constantly searching for candidates. If you want us to call you when we have a relevant job opening, please, fill in the form on our website, send us your resume with a recent photograph (, bring your resume with a recent photograph, or fill in a form which you can get from our security at the stuff entrance (in front of Tequila Boom restaurant), add your photograph and leave it with the security for the HR department.

Donbass Palace Hotel is particularly interested in waiters and bartenders (fluent English, working experience) and cooks (working experience).

Advantages of working in Donbass Palace

  • sustainability
  • professional and career development
  • official work-placement and salary
  • uniform provision
  • free meals 
  • Download Application form 


    80, Artyoma Street, Donetsk, 83001, Ukraine
    Phone: +38 062 343 43 33, fax: +38 062 343 43 34